quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Androids, iPhones and akins - A new walled garden? IV #in

Two sources (the links are available bellow) are showing interest to a single portal to the "New Walled Garden" of  internet. America Móvil and Telefonica. Seems that both are setting their minds to encapsulate their networks on internet from the source; THE SUBSCRIBER!!!!! How?!? The answer is Smartphone. Something like extension of controllable kind of access. Pretty technical solution by the way, not social solution.
My personal question is how the operator will control the brands in this portal? By brands I mean Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. Probably they will consider the IP packet analyzer to block the free usage of those brands. Like is being used to block the use of Skype. Any way, stretching the market share of smartphones is a interesting movement. However, in the end it means only the old value added called 'mobility'. Where are the Social Network Mobile brand? Locate the source and see it geographically is powerful. Understand if they are in motion or they are nomadic (hotspot to hotspot). Whatever, all the usage of social networks has more linkage to relationship than with connectivity. Through relationship you can produce knowledge, can collaborate, can communicate, can be a watcher... Whatever you want. The power over the user (or subscriber) belongs to the brand who delivers it - relationship. Through relationship the general laws of network growing - preferential attachment and size -  make sense. Otherwise, the game will be only on the connectivity arena. Connectivity as a commodity I mean. No value added, only marginal gains erosion.
I only see internal conflict in these operators structure, probably in their minds they are trying to be Socially Networked, but in their hearts they are still Technically Connected. Or they simply are lost.



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