segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

How to address the changes? III

In the proportion of 80-20, and this has nothing to do with Paretto, lies the difference among telecom operators and Googles akin. In principle this proportion means that 20% of the population has needs and money to pay for services and 80% don't. What Googles alike saw, was the power of the 80% giving feedback, tagging, testing, suggesting and buzzing. In favor, not against. The interesting thing is that, in the 90s internet world have tried to be focused on the 20% applying the model of licensing for stuff ownership and the same internet destroyed it, the survivors destroyed it applying the license free, but with freemium concept. This means free basic packet plus premium payed services. Funny! Being paid by same top 20% and using the 80% for services test, improvement and free marketing.

Who will be the first, in the telecom world, to bring the long tail to the business model?

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