sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Androids, iPhones and akins - A new walled garden?

Virtual gadgets are the new way to make money over real gadgets like mobile terminals. Its clear that the terminals should have a fancy look, but available to social networks and with a plenty of virtual gadgets, including the old fashion voice - just as additional. What surprised me, even without a sense to be surprised, was the flexibility to encapsulate everything - TV for instance. This means that all the technology employed in the last 50-60 years are in check; mobile, fixed, cable, open TV, radio etc. The encapsulation is moving the walled garden from old fashion operators to Androids akins. So, the telecom walled garden was not broken, the internet strategy was to embed it in a walled garden much bigger, funniest and independent.

Who will buy who?

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